Central Penn SEO
A QR code is a square image with different dots throughout. These dots or pixels represent the data contained in a QR code.  So in theory you could put almost any information into a QR code.  From something as simple as a link to a Web site like CentralPennSEO.com or to something like your entire business card.
So now that you have a better idea of what a QR code can do, how do you think it might affect your Small Business or in your personal life?  Well for starters it would give your real time data about the vendors store. It will give people the ability to read someones web content instantly, read Reviews on their establishment in almost real time.  At the this years Business Conferences and Trade shows they had many participants use QR codes in place of business cards and it seemed to be well received.
Central Penn SEO  is a Full-Service Social Media and Web Marketing Firm. Below are some of our standard services.. However, each client we have is unique, and therefore we customize every solution to best meet your needs.
CPSEO Profile Design: We Design and Optimize your profiles on Social sites including but not limited to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Youtube, to best appeal to your target audiences and achieve Maximum Shareability. We build the best tabs, apps, and backgrounds to meet your needs.